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36 Vision is a multi-departmental, highly diversified commercial and entertainment production company. Our organization was founded in 2016 by Raheem Hemphill, a Detroit born Houston raised videographer and rap artist known by the name of Yung A.Z. As an independent artist and label CEO, Raheem was forced to learn a vast array of business marketing and branding strategies, as well as skills of service in order to supply his ever-increasing demands for exposure across varying channels, but he soon realized that his solution model could benefit many other businesses, too. So, he decided to open his play book to colleagues and swiftly gained community support and other clientele, as well. A true one stop shop for business marketing, branding and promotional needs had been built.

Today, our team cover a spectrum of exceptionally talented and extensively educated video production professionals, marketing strategists, business development analysts, social media managers, product developers, project managers and more. All who are ready to collaborate and create stunningly cinematic audiovisual projects accompanied by precisely appointed placements to ensure each business entity its maximum demographic engagement potential.

Raheem Hemphill better known as Yung A.Z.

CT109743 2_edited.jpg

Detroit born Houston raised, Raheem is the founder of 36 Vision Productions. He went to college at Lamar University. He does everything from rapping to shooting and editing videos. His ultimate goal is to have success and to be put in a positions where he can influence the world.

Cody Brewster 


Cody Brewster is videographer for 36 Vision Productions. He was born in Houston , TX and went to college at Texas Tech University. His ultimate goal is to shoot professional music videos for major artists of all genres. 

He wants his viewers to know that every time you watch his content you will have a smile on your face. :)

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