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We are based in Houston, Texas

$.74 a mile round trip will be applied to final invoice for all location shoots. 



At the time of booking, a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required to secure your date and time. This deposit is paid by using this website when booking your appointment. Also, all props are provided by clients


All shoots must be paid in full immediately following your shoot via cash, Cash App, Zelle, or Apple Pay. 


Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:


If a client is needs to cancel their photoshoot or reschedule, the client can cancel at anytime, as long as it is not within 48hrs (2days) before their shoot.

Shoots that are cancelled within the 48hr window will require the client book a new appointment and pay a new deposit. All last minute cancellations will not be allowed to reschedule. Nevertheless, the client can pay a last minute cancellation fee of $50 and will not be required to submit a new deposit if the cancellation is not within 24hrs of the scheduled shoot.

All shoots cancelled within 24hrs will not be allowed to pay the last minute fee and will be required to book a new shoot with a new deposit. 

After the second reschedule or cancellation, the client will not be allowed to reschedule and will have to book a new shoot and pay a new deposit. 

**If needing to reschedule due for emergencies only (such as early pregnancies or sickness due to Covid-19 symptoms), deposits will be held for 30 days after the original shoot date. Once the date has expired, a new deposit will be required.**


There is a 15 minute grace period. If the client runs more than 16 mins late, a surcharge fee of $35 will be added. Late arrivals result in shorter sessions. If additional time is desired by the client to retain the full photoshoot session time duration (depending on studio and photographer's availability)



Clients will receive email proofs within 24-48hrs of their shoot.10-14 Days Edit Turnaround, the period BEGINS after the edits are selected via the Photo Gallery by client and photographer is notified via EMAIL.

There's a few rush fees available (24hr, 48hr, and 72hr) if you're needing the turnaround time to be quicker. 

Proof (unedited) with watermarks can be download. Images (unedits) without watermarks can be purchased if need.

Please plan and book accordingly (have ideas/ inspirations ready for scheduled photoshoot).

For more information you can contact me at:



Thank You For Booking


36 Vision Productions LLC

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